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What to Consider When Choosing a Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Many factors can cause cerebral palsy at birth, from lack of oxygen in the womb to trauma and so on. Every year, more than 30% of babies are said to have it according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While some cases are of natural origin, there are scenarios where medical staff could have done something to stop them, and parents can pursue legal action for this.

Selecting a Lawyer

If you plan to seek CP damages, working with the right lawyer can determine the future of your case. Hence, you need to be wise when checking out your options. During your initial consult with the lawyer, make sure you ask all the crucial questions. For instance, how much of their practice has been dedicated to CP cases? You don’t just want them to have medical malpractice expertise; they should also be experienced with CP cases specifically.

Another thing, ask them if they had more cases settled or won (or lost) in court. For many families, a settlement will make things easier, but it’s up to you to decide on the course that you want to take – and find a lawyer who will be at your side through and through.

Of course, verbal claims are not enough basis when deciding to hire a lawyer or not. Know their track record of success and let them provide evidence. Also ask about the major cases they’ve handled in the past, the total number of cases they’ve worked with, and how many ended favorably. You want a lawyer that will tell you everything you want to know.

Contingency Fee Payments

How you pay your CP lawyer also depends on you, and the choices are usually hourly, fixed (per case) and contingency. The third option is the most common – it’s when the lawyer is only paid once you have received the settlement or court award. Should the case be unsuccessful, you don’t have the obligation to pay the attorney. The is why personal injury attorneys, in general, are very choosy when it comes to accepting cases – they have to make sure it’s winnable or else.

Personal Chemistry

As you interview a lawyer, try to get a vibe of your rapport. If you honestly don’t think you’ll get along, look another lawyer.

Take note that you’ll be spending quite some time together while working on your case; if you’re ill at ease around them, you won’t cooperate as needed and this can compromise the outcome of your case. Your instincts will play a huge role in this. If something feels wrong, don’t ignore it.

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